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How Unconventional Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Restaurant Success

Over the years, I have worked with so many successful independent multi-unit restaurant owners. A lot of them share this common characteristic — they just don’t fit the mold. You know, the conventional American business leader: the great manager who runs an organized, rational, structured, efficient company. On the extreme is the story about the … Continued

Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers

General Managers are the most important people in your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company. They control what happens within the four walls — including both the guest experience and the strength of your bottom line. Finding great general managers in the current labor market can be agonizingly difficult.  As an industry we responded to this … Continued

How Much Does it Cost to NOT Hire Top Management?

A lot! Sometimes it feels like it is easier to raise money, sign a lease, build, and open a restaurant than to find someone to run it. There is a definite shortage of talented restaurant managers — and especially general managers. If you are a successful owner of an independent multi-unit restaurant company, you have … Continued

Are You Differentiating Your Brand?

My research shows you need more than great food, service, and atmosphere — the holy trinity of the restaurant business — to guarantee success for the units in the independent restaurant company you own. My best clients build their successful multi-unit independent restaurant companies around the branding and experience business, not around the restaurant business. … Continued

How Restaurateurs Turn Challenges into their Biggest Competitive Advantage

I was recently interviewed by Howard Riell for a cover story for Restaurant Startup and Growth Magazine titled, “Help Needed — How to Compete for and Retain Employees in Today’s Job Market.” If you want to know what I think about that topic, Howard really nailed it. To summarize: owners of multi-unit independent restaurant companies … Continued