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  More than a decade of experience  

For over 17 years, the team of Matthew Mabel, Barbara Graham and Susan Fredrickson has been collaborating on solutions for Surrender clients. Mary Lutz joined them in 2005. Wanetta Smith is the newest member of the Surrender team.

Matthew Mabel Barbara Graham Wanetta Smith
Susan Fredrickson Mary Lutz
Matthew Mabel : President
Matthew MabelMatthew Mabel founded Surrender in 1991. As president and organizational development team leader, Matthew brings his experience as a former business owner, operator and corporate treasurer. In Matthew’s business career prior to founding Surrender, he measured his ultimate success when employees would say to him, "This is the greatest job I’ve ever had."

Mabel is an experienced and talented entrepreneur, teacher, leader and communicator, who has started companies from scratch and re-invented existing business from within. Each step of his career has contributed to his ability to help others grow their businesses.

"At Surrender, I function at my greatest capacity by serving others. As we open up possibilities for people in our client companies, we strive to create a similar strength for all team members."

Mabel is often quoted in the press and frequently speaks to industry gatherings about the business growth, development and operations.

Matthew’s book, Beyond Business, communicates technique used by Surrender to improve companies and their people’s careers and lives. It includes many success stories about Surrender’s work with clients. Coming soon.

Listen to Matthew Mabel Listen to Matthew speak about your company.
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Barbara Graham : Organizational development team member
Dr. Barbara Graham, MA, LPC, brings our clients her breadth and depth of expertise with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, combined with a lifetime of learning in multiple human behavior disciplines. She is an expert in training and program development for corporate team building. Barbara received her Bachelor of Arts degree in social welfare from Arizona State University and her MA in counseling and psychology from Texas Women’s University. She received her PhD in Spiritual Psychology from Greenwich University. She is a member of the American Association for Counseling and Development.


Susan Rand Roberts : Organizational development team member
Susan Fredrickson, BA, MBA, contributes to our clients businesses by applying her experience with organizations from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Her specialty is using the WorkStyle Patterns Inventory as a framework for enhancing people’s experiences at work. Susan helps teams understand and value their differences, and in understanding the unique contribution offered by each member, and managing performance through cycles of growth and continuous change. With an MBA in finance and a BA in psychology, Susan balances an awareness of financial realities with sensitivity to human needs.


Mary Lutz : Client concierge
Mary Lutz’s experience in customer service and project management comes from her extensive managerial tenure in the telecom industry. She knows that customers require and deserve unparalleled expertise. Mary is firmly committed to promoting honest communication and attention to detail “both global and minuscule”. Her contributions to Surrender’s organizational development work are significant to her since she holds the belief that an organization is at its apex when it effectively develops, strengthens, and maintains a productive and proactive team environment.


Wanetta Smith :
Wanetta Smith, B.A. spent eight years in the commercial real estate market. She reflects Surrender's philosophy with her relentlessly positive attitude, as well as her extensive organizational and customer service skills. Clients benefit from her sincere insistence that every interaction be the best it can be.