About Surrender

Why are we called Surrender? It should come as no surprise that our clients are some of the hardest working entrepreneurs and business owners in their industries. Any one of them would readily admit that they are harder on themselves than any of their employees. Reluctant to ask for help – or to relinquish perceived control – worklife becomes a constant battle.

Surrender was chosen to reflect the opportunity presented when an owner “gives up” the idea that they, alone, have to figure everything out. We are able to demonstrate that, by collaborating with others, synergies and solutions emerge that could not be developed any other way.

We work with owners, senior managers and unit- and department-level managers, designing custom-tailored solutions to reach their goals. We employ techniques used in some of the greatest corporations in America, adapting them to entrepreneurial business. First, we listen to what the stakeholders are seeking, knowing that the best solution for one company could be the worst solution for another. We customize our work to each client, believing that a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one.

What is the portrait of our typical client? An individual whose strengths and enthusiasm have propelled their business forward from birth to belief – but only for a while. Sales are in the millions or tens of millions, but have reached a plateau. It becomes harder to see how the growth can continue, or how profits can increase. When the company stops growing, the work stops being as enjoyable, exciting and rewarding as it once was. Incremental gains come harder.

That’s where the Surrender team comes in.

When a company makes the commitment to implement Surrender’s proven strategies:

  • Profits increase.
  • Stress is reduced.
  • Stability is enhanced.
  • Owners and employees are more satisfied with their work.
  • The company is measurably more successful.