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How Restaurateurs Take the Reins of Success

Every restaurateur has a right to succeed — and to succeed beyond their dreams. I absolutely believe that…and it’s been my life’s work to make that happen. I also believe that, as long as you are learning, paying attention, changing with the times, and taking action you are going to get better and create the … Continued

The Technique Successful Restaurant Owners Use to Solve Big Problems

Recently a successful restaurateur looked at me over the lunch table and told me that running his increasingly growing stable of much-admired restaurants was beginning to become boring. “An opening is an opening — and, in operations, you may have problems, but they tend to be the same problems.” That made me think. Quality, service, happy guests, … Continued

Keep it simple . . .

The best businesses control themselves, keep things simple, stay on track, and do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed, overloaded, or confused.  Their guests and customers are exposed to an ever-increasing daily barrage of messages daily from a million different points in the world.  In order to engage people, it’s smart to understand that there is … Continued

From the Outside Looking In

Businesses tend to build their foundation on one thing they do really well.  The best businesses then  import  competence and develop the skills that do not come naturally to them.  Eventually they have the complete package, even though they still rely on the thing that they do the very best.   In that way, a business … Continued

TRA partners with Surrender to survey restaurateurs

New on our website is a report sharing our observations and documenting our analysis of the current state of the restaurant industry.  This information grew out of our  interpretation of 2012 Restaurateur Issues and Challenges, 12 key findings from the recent survey we conducted in a partnership with the Texas Restaurant Association.   More here.  We invite you … Continued

From buzzwords to best practices.

No matter what you think of jargon and buzzwords, every business has an opportunity to succeed through people, focus, measurement and reinforcement. Recently the term “Best Practice” proudly took its place among Forbes.com’s list of “the Most Annoying, Pretentious and Useless Business Jargon.” Best Practice was deemed “the single most pompous confection the consulting industry … Continued

Everything Louder than Everything Else

When everything is louder than everything else, you can’t hear a thing.  Top businesses know they must turn their myriad messages down in order to make major improvements. There may be a chance to  focus on an area that is a true opportunity because it has not been a strong point in the past.  If … Continued

4 Lessons to Mistake-Proof a Restaurant Opening

I know a restaurant manager who says,“Mistakes are unacceptable. But I do offer forgiveness.” That’s certainly one way of looking at it. Not my approach. I read a book that mentioned perfection. The author said it was the denial of humanity. We are all human, but what human can afford to make serious mistakes when they open a new business? In … Continued

Have you over-delivered today?

I had a pizza delivery at my house last week but, sadly, the Caesar salad we had ordered was missing. No big deal, we had plenty of salad in the refrigerator and were happy to have our pizza. We needed to eat quickly to get to a basketball game. A half hour later the doorbell … Continued

Glad you are in Dallas!

Here in Dallas, we know there’s good news and bad news about working in the restaurant industry.  When Raising Cane’s CEO Todd Graves announced a corporate relocation to Dallas, he called it “the best restaurant city in the country.” Yes, there is a lot of hospitality industry talent here, and millions of hungry people.  On the other hand, … Continued