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Warning to Restaurateurs: Don’t Be Caught with Your Culture Down

Owners of successful multi-unit independent restaurant companies often misunderstand the real opportunities to cement success and reduce risk going forward. If you stop and ask an owner of a growing independent restaurant group, they will tell you that their number one concern is labor — and number two is competition. Guests and Employees Want the … Continued

Restaurateur’s Guide to Working Less and Making More

Reaching a certain level of success gives you the ability to create even more success. Recently, a restaurateur came to me and said he would like to figure out how to work less and make the same amount of money. I challenged him. I asked, “Wouldn’t you rather work less and make more?” I believe … Continued

How Creating a Culture of Trust Benefits Top Restaurateurs

To be truly successful, owners of multi-unit independent restaurant companies must feel free to leave the office and their restaurants — either for a vacation or simply for a day for some creative brainstorming time — without worrying. They need to know that the people surrounding them can be trusted to do what is best … Continued

Does Your Independent Restaurant Company Really Have Opportunity to Grow?

Opportunity allows you to have a chance to successfully grow the multi-unit independent restaurant company you own, building your net worth and the quality of your life. When your organization is surrounded by opportunity, an element of excitement about the future permeates your organization. The best operators can see and feel it with senior management, … Continued

Why Capability is the Door Opener to Successful Restaurants

Capability is the first key factor to having a business that allows you to maximize its value, your net worth, and the quality, flexibility, and enjoyment of your life. My research shows that when you add capability to the other key factors, opportunity and strategy and surround that with an atmosphere of trust, you can … Continued

Join Me and Other Restaurant Industry Giants on 7/16

Trade shows are dead. I can do it online. We have all heard about that. But, in the digital world, there is no substitute for occasionally tearing yourself away from your screens and meeting actual people in the physical world. One of my clients had been reading this newsletter for years before reaching out to … Continued

Why You Need to Know What a First Time Restaurateur Thinks of Your Brand

First-time restaurateurs need all the help they can get! But their perspective can also help you. In Restaurant Business Magazine, I was interviewed for an article: “9 Key Considerations When Opening a Restaurant.” Written by Benita Gingerella, this piece is designed to make the “tough” process of opening a restaurant easier for first-timers. Look Through Fresh … Continued

Secrets of What to Look for in a Restaurant Expert or Advisor

If you get 100 restaurant consultants together and ask them what they do, you’ll probably get 100 answers. So, if you are considering adding one to your team, how do you even know what you are looking for? What do you do? First, you probably worry about hiring the wrong person. Let’s get the bad … Continued