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Squeaky Wheels on the Fast Track

Most job descriptions are an unnecessary waste of time and are holding people back. There . . . I said it. Just like I said recently to a professor who teachers Hospitality Supervision. As you might expect, he did not agree with me. But we had a respectful conversation in front of this class. When … Continued

Big-Picture Thinking: Lessons learned from coaching young winners.

The next time you want to talk to your people about service levels, quality, cost management, or training, be sure to provide plenty of context. “We need to work on a friendly, caring presence at the table.” Good. ‘Because our guests are the lifeblood of our company, we are proud of our restaurant and we … Continued

Conventional wisdom that isn’t either.

Conventional wisdom often spouts off about razor-thin margins in the restaurant business. Our industry is perennially found on the list of the least profitable businesses, and media accounts are filled with information on how unprofitable restaurants are compared to say, law firms. In their 2015 Issues and Advocacy Agenda,  the National Restaurant Association leads with this, saying, … Continued

Trust, but verify.

This other day there was a meeting on my schedule, but instead of meeting with me, my colleague was meeting with the police. Our meeting had to be cancelled because the person I was going to meet was dealing with the fact that their long-time, right-hand person had been exposed for embezzling a considerable sum of money … Continued

Grow at your own pace. But GROW!

Growth. It is the impetus of capitalism. So how do you know you are growing at the right pace? Every restaurant company we work with has a growth plan and a growth strategy. There is no one out there standing still that we know of. That is a function of the mind of the entrepreneur … Continued

Millennials: Confident, connected, open to change.

I recently moderated a panel discussion entitled “Beyond Craig’s List: Finding and Keeping the Best People.”  It was presented in Austin at the Summit for Texas Independent Restaurateurs, a conference created by the Texas Restaurant Association. A few months ago, I mentioned it to an editor of a national restaurant industry trade publication. He told me, “I’m so … Continued

Don’t just do something . . . stand there.

Management is not about doing things, it’s about growing people and leadership. If you call yourself a manager and you find yourself in the doing mode, stop. Julie Dickson, the managing director of Black Sombrero in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia recently wrote me.  That’s right . . . she operates a “Taqueria and Tequilaria” in … Continued

The high cost of weakness.

The best companies make strengths out of their weaknesses.   If you want to get the most from your business, you really don’t have any choice. Yesterday I was on the phone to a frankly excellent customer service department of a consumer electronics company.  The phone was answered quickly, the person who answered was smart, funny, and … Continued

Nothing grows in the deep end.

Recently I discovered a number of entrepreneurs and business owners who hired managers and threw then into the deep end of their pool. When they started to drown . . . they fired them. That’s a poor strategy for a swimming teacher or a cruise ship line, and it’s not a very good one for … Continued

Want to know more about the industry? Ask the suppliers.

Growing sales? Growing units? Every entrepreneur I have ever known thinks about these things every day. And it turns out the people who sell to them are thinking about the same things on their behalf. In the B to B world, vendors and suppliers come to know a great deal about the people they serve. … Continued