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Food trucks, pop ups, kiosks, grab and go . . . hey wait . . .

It used to be you went to the food, now the food comes to you. At major events you scan your peripheral vision and see 20 food truck options from right to left.  Positioning imitates real estate,  where the end caps do better, and a parking lot can emulate a restaurant district.  Some people may … Continued

The State of the Union is . . . changeable.

It is human nature to want to influence government in whatever direction you think would be best for you and the people you care about.  What I have noticed is that whatever the government throws at business,  sometimes beneficial, sometimes not, companies react and respond with intelligence and creativity to make the best of it. … Continued

Trendspotting: The Future of Foodservice

Nation’s Restaurant News recently published a special report,  2020 Vision, The Future of Foodservice, looking at what restaurant menus, design, consumers, and technology will look like when the next decade begins. NRN Senior Food Editor Bret Thorn asked me and three other industry experts to speculate on The Future of Menus, what restaurant menus will look like … Continued

Got a great idea? Don’t give it away.

Your ideas are your greatest asset. It is called intellectual property for a reason — property you don’t want to give away.   It’s important to control your own life and business, and have the confidence that you can find the resources to succeed. Trinity Groves is a real estate development owned by Phil Romano,  Larry McGregor … Continued

Keep it simple . . .

The best businesses control themselves, keep things simple, stay on track, and do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed, overloaded, or confused.  Their guests and customers are exposed to an ever-increasing daily barrage of messages daily from a million different points in the world.  In order to engage people, it’s smart to understand that there is … Continued

The power of accelerating initiatives.

For the third time in the past fifteen years, Surrender turned it’s organizational development expertise to the staff and board of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association (GDRA).  Matthew Mabel and his team applied the same methodology, tools and coaching techniques used in their hospitality consultancy for clients like Original Pancake House and i Fratelli.  In … Continued

Your Brand: Socially Relevant or Virally Damaged?

  Top companies are developing precepts about what content does and does not go on social media.   These guidelines are outgrowths of training and culture.  Beyond the basics of decorum, restaurants with a more defined culture are much better at knowing what fits on social media vs. what will cause their brand to deteriorate.  So … Continued

I’ll have the special.

People prefer to buy from people they like. We like to know a little history about a business.  We like to think we are doing business in someplace special, with special people.  The most successful businesses have great stories to tell and these stories serve to engage their associates and customers in what makes their … Continued

What’s all that knocking?

Maybe fewer people are going to Hawaii this summer, but they are still going out for a drink tomorrow night.  And the next night.  They have to have something to eat and something to wear, too.  There’s opportunity to make money in any economy. James Jeffrey of the Austin Business Journal asked me about this … Continued

Whiz-bang Tech at the Foodservice Expo

I’ve been thinking back on the recent Southwest Foodservice Expo, reflecting on the technological advances available to the industry. Which are real and which are ephemeral? Technology marches on.  Who needs a buzzer to tell you table is ready when a restaurant can text you? I had started to think about this during the show.  … Continued