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Words Smart Restaurateurs Don’t Use to Describe Their Guests

“Butts in seats”. There are a lot of things we don’t say any more. We don’t say “waitress,” we don’t say “smoking or non-smoking,” and we certainly don’t say “cash register.”  Nevertheless there are people out there who still say, “butts in seats,” as in, “All we need is more butts in seats” or, “When … Continued

Don’t Let Fear of a Restaurant Bubble Divert You From Success

People always talk about a possible restaurant bubble. It is human nature to worry about things that may impact our livelihoods. Owners of independent restaurant companies wonder, “Does the bubble exist? Is it about to burst? What happens when it does?” A couple of years ago, the question really took on a life of its … Continued

Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers

General Managers are the most important people in your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company. They control what happens within the four walls — including both the guest experience and the strength of your bottom line. Finding great general managers in the current labor market can be agonizingly difficult.  As an industry we responded to this … Continued

Alert! Four Issues Impact Your Restaurant’s Growth

My brother from Seattle, visiting me in Dallas, once asked me, “Does anyone in Dallas ever open a restaurant that is not a prototype for expansion?” He was being a little critical, a little incredulous, and also, I think, just really wanted to eat at a restaurant where someone had poured their heart into the … Continued

What Restaurants Focus on to Ensure Annual Revenue Growth

There are always concepts that are growing, prospering, and building impressive results, outpacing the market. Yours ought to be one of them. For some others, something changed. Many long-time operators who had felt it was their birthright to see 4-5% annual increase every year got a surprise. The gains were not there. Was it too … Continued

Secrets the Smartest Restauranteurs Know About Targeting Guests

When you are the best choice for the guest’s occasion, your guest counts increase. But who is your guest? And what is the occasion? Why You Shouldn’t Panic When you think about how much competition is out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t panic! You probably don’t have anywhere near as much competition … Continued

Until infrastructure is in place, you can’t afford to grow.

Recently, a partner in a startup chatted with me in the dining room of his first unit. He has aggressive goals for growth and wanted to discuss his second unit. He asked, “What are the biggest mistakes you see groups like mine make at the beginning of their development?” The first thing that came to mind was failure … Continued