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How Unconventional Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Restaurant Success

Over the years, I have worked with so many successful independent multi-unit restaurant owners. A lot of them share this common characteristic — they just don’t fit the mold. You know, the conventional American business leader: the great manager who runs an organized, rational, structured, efficient company. On the extreme is the story about the … Continued

Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers

General Managers are the most important people in your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company. They control what happens within the four walls — including both the guest experience and the strength of your bottom line. Finding great general managers in the current labor market can be agonizingly difficult.  As an industry we responded to this … Continued

How Much Does it Cost to NOT Hire Top Management?

A lot! Sometimes it feels like it is easier to raise money, sign a lease, build, and open a restaurant than to find someone to run it. There is a definite shortage of talented restaurant managers — and especially general managers. If you are a successful owner of an independent multi-unit restaurant company, you have … Continued

Four Critical Steps to Overcoming Group Think in Your Restaurant

The success of your independent restaurant company is a byproduct of your experiences and beliefs. And that’s good news, because your P&L shows above-average industry profits, your mystery shoppers give you high scores, and streams of guests come into your dining rooms every day. You may view that success as a kind of validation of … Continued

Most Important Characteristic of Top Management

Being a grown up. At first, that may seem obvious. You’re not hiring 14-year-olds to run operations, right? But what if the 36-, 45-, or 52-year-old you hired acts more like a 14-year-old? Or even a 5-year-old? As you read this, I bet someone is coming to your mind. No More Drama In my life’s … Continued

Warning: Eliminate Sexual Harassment in Your Restaurants

We have all read about the John Besh Scandal.  Besh — famed New Orleans chef of August, Lüke, Domenica, and Shaya fame — recently stepped down from his own company after allegations were made of a culture of sexual harassment in his company. You have probably not gone back and read the actual investigative journalism … Continued

4 Steps to Successfully Eradicate Sexual Harassment

Make the policies you have put in place stick. Since the national focus on this topic has intensified recently, I’ve noticed how many of my clients and friends in the industry have been talking nonstop about it. That is healthy. They are making change. Last October, I wrote about the topic here. In this month’s FSRmagazine, devoted … Continued

Don’t Waste Another Second on Hiring If You Haven’t Done This First

Onboarding. What happens after you hire a new employee is arguably more important than recruiting and training. Your people’s attitudes and behaviors are the number one reason they bond with your brand, their coworkers, and your guests. When new employees at the multi-unit independent restaurant company you own understand what makes your restaurants different, they’re … Continued