“I have been a successful restaurateur my whole life.  But I have achieved even more success through working with Surrender.  Whether turning around an underperforming store or raising performance across the board, Matthew has elevated the power of our management team to unimagined heights.”

Dody Martel, Owner, Casa Manana and Que Pasa, Lake Charles, LA

“When we began to work with Surrender, we had five successful restaurants.  But we had not realized our full potential. We needed more structure and preparation. Our collaboration with Matthew yielded results. Today, I’m proud to say we have ten successful units.”

George Cole, Owner, i Fratelli Pizza, Irving, TX

“When it was time to grow my business from one city to multiple cities, Surrender was an invaluable resource. Matthew helped us anticipate needs and save money by avoiding the pitfalls of geographic expansion. After ten years of success in our second market, we still use the lessons learned.”

Barry Katz, Owner, Katz’s Deli and Bar, Houston, TX

“Matthew and his team are very, very good at what they do. They know what they are doing. Our organization is ready to go to the next level. If we apply this information, that’s how it will happen.”

Mark Davis Bailey, Owner, Original Pancake House – Dallas/Fort Worth

“I’m building wealth and flexibly setting up my company so I don’t have to be involved in the day to day.  Matthew, there is no one better than you to get us there.”

Andy Gabehart, Owner, Office Interiors Group, Dallas, TX

Surrender, Inc. is a Dallas-based team of restaurant consultants and organizational development specialists. We help successful restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs maximize harmony, revenue, profits and unit growth.

Surrender develops custom programs using their Management Power, Revenue Builder, Creating Consistency, Restaurant Reinvigorator and High Profile Start Up processes.  The company accelerates results by working with their clients’ ownership, senior management and unit level management teams in operations, organizational development, strategic planning, concept and management development.

Since 1991, Surrender has been devoted to making the impossible happen for our clients.  Many of them have been restaurant companies eager to grow.  Our unique combination of organizational development and hospitality expertise has been the catalyst for that growth and more.  For our clients in other industries, we have been able to provide special insight that can only be honed in the notoriously tough hospitality industry.

The common objectives in those companies?

  • Smart growth
  • Higher sales and profits
  • Working in happiness and harmony

And the owners want it all to happen while giving them the freedom to choose how much to work and how much to play.  Read More.

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