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Don’t Allow Today’s Management Shortage to Hold Your Restaurants Back
How do you do that? Simple. Make sure all your managers get better every year. If you want to run[...]
Top 10 Ways Restaurants Retain Managers
In over 30 years in this business I have never seen anything like it.Restaurant managers.The shortage.Last week I heard about[...]
Proven Techniques for Growing and Retaining Restaurant Managers
A very talented general manager in one of my client companies looked like the frustration emoji when telling me, “Our[...]
What If An Employee Sent You This Text
What would your employees text you—the successful owner of an independent, multi-unit restaurant group—if they had the chance? Michael Lastoria,[...]
True Restaurant Guest Focus Starts in the Kitchen
Nothing happens in a restaurant dining room until someone creates a recipe, orders the food, preps and cooks the food,[...]
The Surprising Reason Restaurateurs Confidently Say Goodbye to Top Talent
The professionals at the top of your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company are critical to your success, but they are[...]
Avoid the Biggest and Most Expensive Restaurant Budgeting Mistake
Too many successful multi-unit restaurant companies budget like people who go to the grocery store and take a list of what[...]
Avoid the Restaurant Operations Data Trap
I was recently talking with the CEO of a 30-unit organization, who asked me, “Are you the guy who brings[...]
Don’t Be Satisfied With Everything in Your Restaurant Being “Fine”
If you are an owner of an independent restaurant company, there is a good chance you have walked through your[...]
Burn Your Restaurant Operations Manual, Then Do This
Those of us with a pile of wisdom and experience from being in the restaurant industry for decades remember when[...]
How Restaurateurs Stop Complaining About Millennials
Quick, recite the language you use to recruit and retain talent. Is it compelling? What does it say about your[...]
Four Proven Ways to Reduce Management Turnover
If you know me well, you know I am a positive and optimistic person. But even I have to admit[...]
How Unconventional Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Restaurant Success
Over the years, I have worked with so many successful independent multi-unit restaurant owners. A lot of them share this[...]
Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers
General Managers are the most important people in your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company. They control what happens within the[...]
How Much Does it Cost to NOT Hire Top Management?
A lot! Sometimes it feels like it is easier to raise money, sign a lease, build, and open a restaurant[...]
#1 Path to Restaurant Success
Listen to your guests. Last week I wrote about guests’ changing thinking on delivery and how it was out in front[...]
Four Critical Steps to Overcoming Group Think in Your Restaurant
The success of your independent restaurant company is a byproduct of your experiences and beliefs. And that’s good news, because[...]
Number One Shortcut to Being an Employer of Choice
Make your restaurant brand a cause. If you are an independent restaurant company owner who wants your organization to be[...]
Most Important Characteristic of Top Management
Being a grown up. At first, that may seem obvious. You’re not hiring 14-year-olds to run operations, right? But what[...]
Warning: Eliminate Sexual Harassment in Your Restaurants
We have all read about the John Besh Scandal.  Besh — famed New Orleans chef of August, Lüke, Domenica, and[...]
4 Steps to Successfully Eradicate Sexual Harassment
Make the policies you have put in place stick. Since the national focus on this topic has intensified recently, I’ve[...]
Don’t Waste Another Second on Hiring If You Haven’t Done This First
Onboarding. What happens after you hire a new employee is arguably more important than recruiting and training. Your people’s attitudes[...]
What Independent Restaurant Company Employees Need to Hear from Their Owners
How do you become an employer of choice? Every multi-unit independent restaurant company owner wants to be an “employer of[...]
Technology One Step at a Time
I recently told a general manager at one of our client companies to get ready, “because your weekly operations meeting[...]
Accountability doesn’t happen by accident.
As an independent restaurant owner you have the luxury and power of writing your own story in a way that[...]
Shoring up weak points deserves time and money.
Quick! Pop quiz! What are the weak points in your organization? Quick! Another pop quiz! What could you build to[...]
Big-Picture Thinking: Lessons learned from coaching young winners.
The next time you want to talk to your people about service levels, quality, cost management, or training, be sure[...]
Trust, but verify.
This other day there was a meeting on my schedule, but instead of meeting with me, my colleague was meeting with the[...]
Don’t just do something . . . stand there.
Management is not about doing things, it's about growing people and leadership. If you call yourself a manager and you[...]
The high cost of weakness.
The best companies make strengths out of their weaknesses.   If you want to get the most from your business, you really[...]
Pay Up! You can’t afford to live without ROI on compensation.
If you want to increase profits and asset value, pay your people more. We all spend a lot of time[...]
Perfect imperfection.
Our server forgot to fire our third course.  Which would normally lead to eye rolling,  dissatisfaction,  exasperation or worse. But[...]
The best in town? Or the also-ran?
Businesses start because they’re good at something. The best businesses grow and prosper because they become good at everything.  Most[...]
From the Outside Looking In
Businesses tend to build their foundation on one thing they do really well.  The best businesses then  import  competence and[...]
I’ll have the special.
People prefer to buy from people they like. We like to know a little history about a business.  We like[...]
The more things change, the more things need to change.
The best operators constantly update their image, offerings and physical plant or they risk falling behind.  In a market where[...]
4 Lessons to Mistake-Proof a Restaurant Opening
I know a restaurant manager who says,“Mistakes are unacceptable. But I do offer forgiveness." That's certainly one way of looking at it. Not[...]
Have you over-delivered today?
I had a pizza delivery at my house last week but, sadly, the Caesar salad we had ordered was missing.[...]
Your Management Team: Smarter than a High Schooler?
The best management teams are balanced, cover each other’s blind spots and use their time wisely to make outstanding decisions.[...]
Speaking English at a French Bistro in Mexico.
Last week, I had the opportunity to dine at Café Des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the flagship of Chef[...]
Accentuate The Positive – How to Keep Marginal Employees From Going Bad – Restaurant Startup & Growth
How to Keep Marginal Employees From Going Bad - View Source Article (PDF Format) Restaurant Startup & Growth – November[...]
“Yes! It would be my pleasure to fulfill your [possibly unreasonable] request.”
The idea of building a business through great customer service is not selective. It does not discriminate, devalue customers’ opinion[...]
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