Restaurant Culture & Marketing

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Warning! How Restaurants Lose Track of What Guests Want
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Last week, a manager who had worked with me — back when I was operating — asked me for advice.[...]
Are You Differentiating Your Brand?
My research shows you need more than great food, service, and atmosphere — the holy trinity of the restaurant business[...]
On the subject of walking your talk.
When my daughter was tiny, we had to make sure we kept her away from the stove, or a pot[...]
Food trucks, pop ups, kiosks, grab and go . . . hey wait . . .
It used to be you went to the food, now the food comes to you. At major events you scan[...]
Company Culture: From the inside out.
"What is our company culture?" If you stopped five members of your organization today, would you get five different answers?[...]
Trendspotting: The Future of Foodservice
Nation’s Restaurant News recently published a special report,  2020 Vision, The Future of Foodservice, looking at what restaurant menus, design, consumers,[...]
Keep it simple . . .
The best businesses control themselves, keep things simple, stay on track, and do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed, overloaded,[...]
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