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Avoid Overexposure – Nightclub & Bar

Avoid Overexposure – View Source Article September 12, 2011 By: Matthew Mabel Reduce Insurance Costs without Increasing Risk? You Can if You Buy Smart The list of fun activities for nightclub and bar owners and managers does not include buying insurance. Many put it in the “necessary evil” category. If you ever have circumstances that … Continued

One Night Only – Nightclub & Bar

One Night Only – View Source Article September 7, 2011 By: Jeffrey Yarbrough, Matthew Mabel It takes a lot of skill to be a successful professional nightclub and bar owner. It’s unlikely that you are going to be both an expert in your core profession and an expert in booking live talent. Still, you need … Continued

Pour Systems for the Real World – Nightclub & Bar

Pour Systems for the Real World – View Source Article May 2, 2011 By: Matthew Mabel – Night Club and Bar Magazine Balancing Cost Control With Staff Relations and Guest Experience Makes the Most of a Pour System You are an experienced industry professional. You know how to control your pour costs: use recipes; train, … Continued

Make Your First Time Manager Read This – Restaurant Startup & Growth

Make Your First Time Manager Read This – View Source Article (PDF Format) Restaurant Startup & Growth – April, 2011 Matthew Mabel Moving into your first restaurant management position can be a daunting transition. And if it’s at one of the top restaurants in your area, that just ramps up the pressure. Just ask Vianei … Continued