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5 keys to low-cost, high-impact training

April 11, 2014 Matthew Mabel Every day, restaurants have so much competition—from other restaurants, food trucks and even prepared food departments at grocery stores. To stand out in this competition, owners and managers must sure every guest has a positive experience, every day, on every shift. By consistently achieving high standards, a restaurant will be … Continued

Beyond Buzzwords: Making “best practices” a reality – Nation’s Restaurant News

Beyond Buzzwords: Making “best practices” a reality – View Source Article Nation’s Restaurant News  5/8/12 By: Matthew Mabel Recently the term “best practices” proudly took its place among Forbes.com’s list of “the most annoying, pretentious and useless business jargon.” “Best practice” was deemed “the most pompous confection the consulting industry has ever dreamed up.” In … Continued

Restaurateur Issues and Challenges – Texas Restaurant Association

12 key findings from the recent survey we conducted in a partnership with the Texas Restaurant Association. 2012 Restaurateur Issues and Challenges March 1, 2012 2012 Restaurateur Issues and Challenges Survey Results We now know several new things about restaurateurs these days: • They are generally optimistic about their future. • They identify their top … Continued

Little Village Syndrome – Excerpt from: Beyond Business

Excerpt from forthcoming book: Beyond Business, By: Matthew Mabel ©2012 Little Village Syndrome – Click Here to Download Full Chapter Small businesses can be like lush tropical villages protected by mountains and water that keep the outside world outside. Inhabiting the village is a pleasant experience. Life is good, comfortable and familiar. Natives get along … Continued

The Sky is Falling? The Sky’s the Limit!

I recently read a great article in The New Yorker about declinism, the idea that things are getting worse and are about to get even more so and we are all going down the drain. It pointed out that the ability for this pattern of thinking to continue is completely dependent on the last person … Continued

What tasted good in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

You may have seen Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Vegas. Now, it’s coming to North Texas. The Dallas Business Journal recently wrote about their entry into the market. Staff Writer Steven Thompson asked me about its prospects. The sandwich restaurant segment is becoming focused on menu development, which gives a quality sandwich provider a good shot … Continued

To franchise? Or not to franchise?

Many of our clients have asked me about franchising the brands we are helping them to grow. Who wouldn’t think about that? The idea of plenty of mail-box money and growing a business through capital from franchisees is very attractive. My advice is clear. The only reason to franchise is if there is a realistic … Continued

Crazy? I call it conservative.

Red Mango to grow by up to 100 stores by Steven R. Thompson / Staff Writer Dallas Business Journal 8/26 – 9/1/2011 Last week, Steve Thompson at the Dallas Business Journal quoted me in his story about Red Mango‘s plans for expanding by 100 stores and the tart yogurt segment in general. If you are … Continued

Avoid Overexposure

Reduce Insurance Costs without Increasing Risk? You Can if You Buy Smart. Published in Night Club and Bar Magazine Sept. 12, 2011 I’m often asked by trade publications to comment on areas of the hospitality industry that might be generously categorized as “necessary evils.” Donna Hood Crecca, editor of Night Club and Bar asked me … Continued