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More on restaurant survey results

In their February 2012 issue, Restaurantville Monthly profiles the work we recently did in partnership with the Texas Restaurant Association on our 2012 Restaurateurs Issues and Challenges Survey. The publication notes the connection between operators’ focus on living their culture and their optimism for 2012. “By maintaining a high level of cultural integrity, restaurants will … Continued

Your Management Team: Smarter than a High Schooler?

The best management teams are balanced, cover each other’s blind spots and use their time wisely to make outstanding decisions. On February 7, I volunteered along with a group of restaurant industry professionals to staff and judge the 2012 Dallas Regional Texas ProStart Restaurant Competition.  The event was sponsored by the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and Texas … Continued

Beware success on a shoestring

The good news?  There’s a low barrier to entry in the restaurant business. The bad news?  Well, you know. Most people think inferior locations, service, food or atmosphere are the factors that most often doom a restaurant.   While those are all important, having enough cash in the bank can enable a start-up to survive them … Continued

Little Village Syndrome – Excerpt from: Beyond Business

Excerpt from forthcoming book: Beyond Business, By: Matthew Mabel ©2012 Little Village Syndrome – Click Here to Download Full Chapter Small businesses can be like lush tropical villages protected by mountains and water that keep the outside world outside. Inhabiting the village is a pleasant experience. Life is good, comfortable and familiar. Natives get along … Continued