Restaurant Unit & Revenue Growth

Words Smart Restaurateurs Don’t Use to Describe Their Guests
“Butts in seats”. There are a lot of things we don’t say any more. We don’t say “waitress,” we don’t[...]
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How Restaurateurs Create Superior Results Through Understanding Their Segment
Every night, before my daughter goes to sleep, I tell her, “Always be yourself.” I know that — when she[...]
Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers
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Your Guests’ Thinking About Restaurant Delivery Has Changed. Has Yours?
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Alert! Four Issues Impact Your Restaurant’s Growth
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What Restaurants Focus on to Ensure Annual Revenue Growth
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Secrets the Smartest Restauranteurs Know About Targeting Guests
When you are the best choice for the guest’s occasion, your guest counts increase. But who is your guest? And[...]
Until infrastructure is in place, you can’t afford to grow.
Recently, a partner in a startup chatted with me in the dining room of his first unit. He has aggressive goals for growth[...]
Grow at your own pace. But GROW!
Growth. It is the impetus of capitalism. So how do you know you are growing at the right pace? Every[...]
Want to know more about the industry? Ask the suppliers.
Growing sales? Growing units? Every entrepreneur I have ever known thinks about these things every day. And it turns out[...]
Beware success on a shoestring
The good news?  There’s a low barrier to entry in the restaurant business. The bad news?  Well, you know. Most[...]
Good Basics Make Great Habits.
The keys to building revenue in every business are understanding the lifetime value of a customer and learning how to[...]
The Sky is Falling? The Sky’s the Limit!
I recently read a great article in The New Yorker about declinism, the idea that things are getting worse and[...]
What tasted good in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.
You may have seen Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Vegas. Now, it’s coming to North Texas. The Dallas Business Journal recently[...]
To franchise? Or not to franchise?
Many of our clients have asked me about franchising the brands we are helping them to grow. Who wouldn’t think[...]
Crazy? I call it conservative.
Red Mango to grow by up to 100 stores by Steven R. Thompson / Staff Writer Dallas Business Journal 8/26[...]