How Restaurateurs Stay Unstuck and Take Advantage of New Thinking

Most successful people are comfortable with at least some degree of uncertainty.

They surround themselves with people who tell them things that, at first, may not even seem true.

Other people, though—who have trouble keeping up with the market, the competition, and the changing desires of their guests—become stuck in their ways and fall behind.

When they do, they have a hard time catching up because their worldview has them locked up.

My research—backed by nearly three decades of advising successful owners of multi-unit restaurant companies—confirms this.

Medicate or Celebrate?

Do you think to yourself, “I need an Advil”?

Or, “There are too many restaurants in this town, especially in my segment, so I accept my flat (or, worse, down) sales.”

Or, “There’s a shortage of people to fill all my restaurant jobs, so I run with open positions, pay too much overtime, and limit my ideas for expansion.”

Or, “My one fantastic restaurant excites me, but going to another city to duplicate my success? Too risky.”

On the other hand, maybe you spend time blowing up the multi-colored balloons and hanging the streamers.

Do you think, “It doesn’t matter about competition; when I make my restaurant distinct and focus on my unique niche, the result will be positive comps in any environment.”

Or, “I focus on a strong culture people want to be a part of. They will have a reason for joining my company. I will always be able to attract and retain workforce.”

Or, “I’m also excited about a great out-of-town opportunity. I’ll find people out there to show me how to overcome the risks of going from a single unit to multiple units—and one city to multiple cities—at the same time.”

Things Change. In a Healthy Environment, So Does Your Thought Process.

The difference between the first group and the second group? A lot more than just pessimism vs. optimism.

Some people are suspicious of new thinking—at first. Someone pulls the ground from under your feet, and that feeling of falling could throw anyone off.

One of my clients—a fantastically successful, experienced entrepreneur boasting 50 years of restaurant success—tells me, “Every time you suggest something, I don’t want to do it. Then I develop the courage to implement and it works.”

Breakthrough results in your business manifest record sales, profit, net worth, employee and guest satisfaction, and personal flexibility.

Over to you. Undermined by being stuck in your way of thinking? Who can show you a different way of solving your problems and improving your business and your life?