Read This – Then Change Your Entire 2019 Operating Plan

Whatever your dream is, my wish for you is that you get to live it. At work, at home, in your community.

In that spirit, as we start a new year, here’s a gift from me – a free download.

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Everyone May Be Unique—But Their Issues Are Not

People are always asking me about my clients—owners of successful multi-unit independent restaurant groups: “What do you do when you begin working with a client?” and, “How do you figure out how to proceed?”

Decades ago, I might have said, “Every client is different; I have to figure out each case individually.”

I was wrong.

Today, I know that—even though every client looks different on the surface—internally they are essentially the same.

What is different about them? Each has a different dream. Some want more money; others want more units; and others want more free time.

Some want all three!

How to get there is the subject of the Toolkit – and my life’s work.

What This Kind of Thinking Does for You

  1. Creates Freedom. Changes overworked restaurateurs’ lifestyle so they have more free time to enjoy themselves.
  2. Eliminate Untrustworthy People. Lets respected, admired, and principled leaders live their moral authority and no longer accept drama and finger-pointing in their organization.
  3. Increases Revenue. Reverses a negative sales trend and builds guest count, profit, and net worth, in multiple cases exceeding 400% of the industry averages in crowded segments.
  4. Fosters Growth and Net Worth. Shows how to grow more units and maximize net worth at a time you have been concerned about diluting the talent pool, brand, and efforts through expansion.

Four Checklists That Reveal All

The toolkit includes four checklists you can use to evaluate how you stack up against your peers in the all-important areas of capability, opportunity, strategy, and atmosphere of trust.

Go through them. Be honest about how your company is doing.

You’ll also find short videos of me talking about this in more depth.

Using the Toolkit contents, you’ll see where you’re strongest and the improvements you must make to live your dream.

If your 2019 operating plan does not already include these improvements—stop!

Change course and make 2019 the year you make these improvements and start living your dream.

When you focus on this, your path will be clear. My wish for you is that you use this material to get closer to your dream.

Over to you: How has the Toolkit focused you? And what do you plan to achieve with that information this year?