My Four Ingredients to Breakthrough 2024 Restaurant Success

Lately, I’ve worked with my clients so much on their 2024 plans that, in my mind, I’m already there.

So I’m constantly surprised when I see a date that says 2023. It feels like something from the past.

Adopt the same attitude and put maximum energy into planning for a breakthrough.

Positively approach changes for a shockingly great year in 2024, and your independent restaurant company will thank you.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll give you several things to think about for 2024, along with the gift of a series of free downloads. Keep reading to find a link to the first one. 

Aim High

We aren’t really living in an “aim high” society right now.

You may be tempted just to hang on, work hard, see what happens with inflation and guest behavior, or think about the ultimate buzzkill of “what will happen with these two wars or after the election.”

Spoiler alert…I’ll tell you what will happen after the election: People will still eat in restaurants.

Success: What Will It COST You?

You can find a stack of reasons to be full of inaction. Reject them all.

Instead, follow the lead I take with independent restaurant companies—my clients—where I help create industry leading organizations every day.

How do we accomplish that? It all comes down to the four ingredients in COST: 

  1. Capability: Know what to do and understand what makes your concept and business work.
  2. Opportunity: Bolster your competitive advantage and the perception of your brand.
  3. Strategy: Learn how to become better off from 2023 to 2024 and beyond.
  4. Trusting Atmosphere: Make today’s diners and workers feel comfortable about the people they spend time around, or you’ll notice them leaving and choosing to be with other people.

Go on the offensive.

Make 2024 your strongest year of organizational growth and stay at (or reach) the front of the pack.  

Free Toolkit Ready for You

Click here for a free download of my toolkit for “Creating a Dream Restaurant Business,” which includes checklists to measure yourself in the four ingredients of COST to help you focus on what you must create in 2024.

How will you improve in 2024? How do you already excel at these four ingredients of success: capability, opportunity, strategy, and trust? To stand out as an exemplary leader, you need to know. 

Matthew mabel's toolkit for creating a dream restaurant business.

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