Top Restaurant Owners and the Best Practice of Leaving

One aspect of my work focuses on allowing restaurant owners to leave when they want to – getting their companies to the point where the owner’s hands-on attention isn’t relied on too much.

To do this, we supercharge the time they are at work, bringing them to their point of highest use, and have other people improve and handle everything else.

This is some of my most rewarding work and is always top of mind this time of year at Spring Break.

I strongly believe it’s a good idea to enjoy the fruits of your achievements now, instead of “when I retire” or “when I sell.”

Especially because a lot of people will never retire or sell.

This can be hard for some people, but they are fewer and fewer in number.

I know one restaurateur who can’t seem to cut down his six-day weeks.

He tells me, “That’s just me.”

My 9-year-old daughter asked me the other day, “What does it mean to be in denial?”

Well, now you know.

Another client tells me, “I have fun when I make money.”

NOTE: Their restaurants make money whether or not they attend; they don’t have to choose.

It’s Spring Break – Are You Staying or Leaving?

Set up your business to rely on others for day-to-day operations; gauge your success by your lack of texts about operational issues.

Set up your business so you have time for your children while they still live at home – or with grandchildren who don’t live at home; gauge your success by the depth of your unique relationship with each of them.

Set up your business so you can travel – or, if staying home and attending to hobbies is more your jam, that counts too; gauge your success by the amount of joy in your life.

Step Up for Yourself

Doing this doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned your work ethic.

It means you have a stronger ethical responsibility to the quality of your life.

Most people would be tremendously envious of the fact that you can even think about leaving when you want to.

They would be shocked if you did not take advantage.

Over to you. Do you have Spring Break plans? If you said, “My plan is to go to work,” think about what you will do differently on the next break.