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Your Restaurant’s Guest Comps Aren’t High Enough

When you look at expenses on your P&L, you are typically making sure numbers are low enough. On the other hand, when you look at guest comp expense, you ought to make sure it is high enough. If it is not, you are under-utilizing one of your greatest marketing tools. Experience tells me that most … Continued

Ignore Industry Statistics and Grow Your Restaurant Business

All the growth in the industry is spending growth through PPA. Guest counts are going down. My advice to you and to my clients — successful owners of independent multi-unit restaurant groups — is to be good to yourself and forget all that. Put it out of your mind as if it does not exist. … Continued

Restaurateurs: What’s Really Driving You?

As an owner of a successful multi-unit independent restaurant company it is important to understand what motivates you so you can be intentional in that regard as you develop your business. If you don’t know that, you could be working randomly — or, worse, against your own self-interest. Before you get into your day and … Continued

Attention Restaurateurs: An Appeal to Take Better Care of Yourself

Why are restaurateurs better to their guests than they are to themselves? If you know me well, you know that is the question I suggest you ask yourself every day. The great Debi Saltzberg recently interviewed me for her podcast, Just Forking Around, and we talked about many aspects of that big question. You can … Continued

Why Raising PPA is the Best Thing for Your Guests

One of my clients owns six restaurants, serving a combined million guests every year. Working together, we figured out how to raise their PPA by $1.00. That raised system-wide sales $1,000,000. And $650,000 dropped to the bottom line. Annually. My clients and I have done this time and time again. I have talked about it … Continued