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How Restaurant Owners Eliminate Frustration about Missed Opportunity

The pandemic changed what people tolerate. Today, after all they’ve lived through; owners of successful independent multi-unit restaurant companies have less tolerance for organizational blind spots. They’re not content to just let initiatives be like conversations that go on year after year with no tangible result. Companies return to investing beyond existing and future units … Continued

How Restaurants Instantly Add Two Points to Their Bottom Line

Non-cash adjustment moves the credit card processing cost away from your P&L and onto your guests’ credit or debit card – in small increments they do not mind.   Plastic-wielding guests will see this cost itemized on the guest check, or will see a reduced price if they pay with cash. On a $45 check, that … Continued

What High School Students Teach You About Getting the Best Advice

Sure, listen to your family and friends, employees, and co-owners – they love to speak up. Direct, honest communication and encouragement inspires all of us, especially when it comes from people who have nothing but our best interests truly at heart. But nothing equals advice from experienced smart people who just want you to do … Continued