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Top Restaurateurs Know to Step Outside Their Comfort Zones

When the company you own remains the only one you where you have ever served in a leadership position, it can be like going to the same vacation spot every year and having no idea what the rest of the world looks like. You remain uninformed. Much of the work I do with my clients … Continued

To Stay Relevant, You Must Update Your Restaurants Now

Chains beat independents on a cycle of refreshing their concepts, décor packages, signage, logos, menu design, and offerings. Unfortunately, independents who ought to go big tend to go small. The consequences? Results that are obviously insufficient. Don’t let the chains beat you.  Investing in upgrades activates your guests, enticing them to visit your dining room … Continued

How Top Restaurant Owners Enjoy Freedom They Have Earned

For a large part of their days, restaurant owners try to figure out ways to give hourlies and managers more flexible lives. That’s just part of the world now: offering flexible scheduling for hourlies and groundbreaking benefit packages for managers. When you do this quality people want to work with you, and feel happy to … Continued

The Five Best Things I Told Restaurateurs This Year…and Why

I’ve gone back and chosen five especially popular or meaningful posts from 2022 – a year of adjustment to new challenges and, on the whole, a successful year for the restaurants I work with.     My clients and my readers told me that these messages turned out to be the ones that most helped them and … Continued

How Amazing Restaurant Leadership Development Creates Success Stories in 2023

When you spend your whole day dealing with rising costs and a soft market, leadership development might be the last thing on your schedule.  That’s a huge mistake.  Why? Because leadership development applies to everything you do in operations.  Restaurants really live in the branding business, while operations exists in the leadership development business.  Matthew’s … Continued