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How to Claim Personal Freedom Beyond Your Restaurant Walls

I was having a drink with one of my clients and we were talking about the roles he and his wife were taking in their own business—which was very successful by any measure. They were working a lot. A lot. And seemingly forever. “We’ve decided we will work like dogs until we turn 50. Then … Continued

Never Play the Victim, Instead Develop Your Restaurant Business

Every restaurant closing or personnel change has a backstory you never read about in a magazine. So much goes unsaid and unprinted. As an insider, I know. You may, too. Challenges in the Restaurant Industry I have heard a lot of talk and read a lot of texts lately about Brian Reinhart’s D Magazine article, … Continued

Restaurateurs Take Advantage of the Freedom You’ve Earned

Are you working hard this holiday season – feeling the frustrated pull of your family asking you to peel a few days here or there so everyone can be together? Or are you more like many of my clients, who have structured their business so that trusted and responsible people are able to run it … Continued

How Restaurant Owners Take Control of Their Customizable Life

Live your own life, not someone else’s. Customize your life. You have the power to do that.  Most people who don’t feel they have that option would be shocked that you don’t choose to take advantage of it.   Do This Now  I can hear you laughing when I say that our industry is stable … Continued

How the Great Restaurateurs Become Even Better Through Coaching

Michael Jordan and Tom Brady had coaches. The CEO of Ford has a coach – I’ve met him (the coach, not the CEO!). However successful you’ve been, and no matter how talented you are, coaching will bring out even more from you. So, who coaches you? And who coaches the people inside your successful multi-unit … Continued

Improve Your Restaurants Big Time by Taking a Buyer’s Perspective

If you want to really improve your restaurants and your restaurant company, act like you just bought it.  Instead of looking at it like the founder, developer, and shepherd you have been for years (or decades), look at everything with new eyes. When I begin working with new clients, I observe, learn, and respectfully question … Continued

How To Find Your Restaurant’s Focus and True Calling

If I asked you, “What kind of company do you own and operate?” how would you answer?  Would you say, “A restaurant company”? Maybe if you’re a wise guy, but it doesn’t give me or you a whole lot to work with.  It reminds me of when I ask my daughter what happened in school … Continued

How the Best Successful Restaurateurs Don’t Just Go It Alone

For many of my most successful clients, it might have been several years – or even several decades – since they’ve worked in a company that wasn’t their own. That can result in a lack of perspective that holds them back. And sometimes, “It’s lonely at the top” is more than just a saying. The … Continued

As Guest Habits Return, Focus on Independent Restaurant Strengths

In the history-spanning and never-ending competition between chain restaurants and independents, the conditions for independents today look more favorable than at any time since before the pandemic. Why? Because chains can’t create the memorable and authentic experiences the independents can. And those are the experiences customers want. Chain restaurants’ advantages – those attained through capitalization, … Continued