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The Five Best Things I Told Restaurant OwnersThis Year…and Why

Our strength was tested in 2021. Good news: We passed.  One of the best coping mechanisms remains laughter.   Above find my two favorite iconic pictures from 2021: The restaurant I drove by that put a hot-air balloon on the roof to attract talent, and The menu I found in my mailbox stamped with the message, “Tuesday: Closed; … Continued

What Top Restaurant Owners Do on Holiday Break 2021

My clients’ activity over the next two weeks varies from taking time off with friends and family at home (or traveling), to going to a mostly empty office for some time to think – to spending mealtimes at their restaurants to greet and appreciate guests and staff. However you decide to spend special time, my … Continued

How to Build Back Guest Count in 2022 by Focusing on Uniqueness

For the best operators and smartest people, 2022 looks like a back-to-operating like a normal person year. Sure, the noise of the next variant, inflation, labor, and supply chain issues – still audible. But we have evolved in handling once-unusual and once-unthinkable scenarios. I tell my clients “Prepare to have a planful and successful year” … Continued

Success Depends on Recapturing Your Restaurant’s Guests, Not Your PPA

Stop looking at PPA. Start focusing on recovering the lost guest and guest count. If you know me well, you may be shocked that I would suggest you ever stop talking about PPA – even for one minute (or one shift). Right now, though, top operators realize 2021’s industry gains have all come from increased menu prices … Continued