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How to Hold Restaurant People Accountable and Make Them Happy

Today, we have to live with a lot of odd pairings – such as guidelines we need to follow that might (at first) seem contradictory. An example? The need to be flexible and tolerant with our people (so they stick with us like lifelong fans of a local sports team), yet still be able to … Continued

Why Restaurant Managers Decide to Stay with You Forever

Last week I spoke to an Operations Director who had beefed up their management roster and had “one on the bench.” A heroic accomplishment in the current labor market! They also lamented that young managers too often have an attitude of, “I am doing you a favor,” as they go through their day. People read … Continued

How Top Restaurant Companies Make Current Strategy Succeed

Looking into 2022, the greatest thing top restaurant companies have going for them is that – after experiencing all those previously unimaginable things over the past two years – they have now figured out their strengths, identity, branding, and plans. The future now looks much clearer to them, even though the headlines can be distracting … Continued