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What I Said at The Texas Restaurant Show About Retiring in Place

I am just back from another great Texas Restaurant Show where I spoke Saturday at the TRA/Morgan Stanley pre show Investment Boot Camp about 5 ways to finance restaurant company growth and on Sunday on the show floor Innovation Stage about the Silver Tsunami, unlocking opportunities with restaurant owners who want to sell or step back.  A lot … Continued

Meet Me This Weekend at the Texas Restaurant Show!

At the Texas Restaurant Show this weekend at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center in San Antonio – on Sunday, July 14, I will be part of an all-star team talking about “Silver Tsunami: Unlocking Opportunities With Restaurant Owners Who Want to Sell of Step Back”. It takes place on the show floor’s Innovation Stage at 12:30 … Continued

How to Steal Valuable Lessons From That $6 Salad Place

I admit it: I’m fascinated by Salad and Go’s business. It’s a QSR with no dining rooms, a footprint as small as 750 square feet, core menu items in the $6-$7 range, and an AUV north of $1MM. In all, they’re about as different as possible from the restaurants I work with. Their idea of offering people … Continued

Ten Places To Look Now on the Road to 20% Profit

Every restaurateur I know wants to either make 20% profit at the unit level or, if they don’t, they want to know why their restaurants don’t make profit at that level. They have heard the overworked saying that restaurants operate on “razor-thin margins.” Of course, that saying refers to the industry as a whole, so … Continued

Is the Silver Tsunami the Exciting Time for Your Next Phase in Life?

What’s your plan as the “Silver Tsunami” hits? We can figure that out together when I speak at the Texas Restaurant Show on Sunday, July 14. What’s the “Silver Tsunami”? It’s the mass sell-off (or reimagining) of great companies that were started by baby boomers in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even the beginning of this century. These owners … Continued

Improve Your Restaurants and Your Life On Summer Vacation 2024

I have never heard any of my clients (or anyone I know) say, “I took too many vacations this year and my business really suffered.” What I have heard:  Your Summer Vacation Season 2024 This week marks the kickoff for summer vacation season, and, if my own block is an indicator, a lot of people … Continued

Top 10 Ways Successful Restaurant Owners Flourish Now

Restaurant Owners Success Club is a connected group of multi-unit restaurant owners who meet with me virtually to gain from my overview of what is happening in the industry, learn things to do now, compare notes on revenue and employee retention trends, and dive deeply and share stories on topics that make an impact.   The … Continued

How Top Restaurant Operators Improve Revenue and Profit in a Soft Market

You can improve restaurant revenue and net operating income in any economy – even in 2024’s “flat market.”  One way I make this happen is to always look for people I call “caring, friendly whistleblowers.” They have great ideas that exist outside of the status quo – ideas that challenge the status quo in a loving way. … Continued

What Successful Restaurant Growth Looks Like Now

In your heart, you know when your restaurants could be better.  And right now, I’m seeing a ton of opportunity for improvement out there. In the past few weeks, I have sat in restaurants where I felt warmly welcomed, checked on, and delighted – where I had fun and was thanked sincerely.  I’ve been to … Continued

For Fast Casual Restaurant Success Focus on These Two Things Now

Here in Texas, a lot of people ask me why Café Express – which you can argue invented fast casual in 1984 – only operates four units when it used to be 15 or more and had aspirations of 100. It’s simple: They didn’t keep up, either on culinary, branding, atmosphere, or service. On the … Continued