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The Surprising Reason Restaurateurs Confidently Say Goodbye to Top Talent

The professionals at the top of your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company are critical to your success, but they are not irreplaceable.   In some cases, replacing them will actually propel you forward. Experience in the restaurant industry is very important, but there’s also a lot to be said about the role of fresh ideas in propelling … Continued

Avoid the Biggest and Most Expensive Restaurant Budgeting Mistake

Too many successful multi-unit restaurant companies budget like people who go to the grocery store and take a list of what they ate last week without any thought for what they might enjoy in the future. The result? They get good things, but not great things — nothing new, interesting, or life changing. Many companies like … Continued

Avoid the Restaurant Operations Data Trap

I was recently talking with the CEO of a 30-unit organization, who asked me, “Are you the guy who brings in the technology and the software that will give me more data? My data is good, but it can always get better — and there are several issues in operations I want to target.” When … Continued

Don’t Be Satisfied With Everything in Your Restaurant Being “Fine”

If you are an owner of an independent restaurant company, there is a good chance you have walked through your dining room wondering to yourself, “Why doesn’t anyone see what I see?” Sound familiar?  I recently talked to two such operators who asked me that question incredulously. One of them wondered when the people around … Continued

Burn Your Restaurant Operations Manual, Then Do This

Those of us with a pile of wisdom and experience from being in the restaurant industry for decades remember when a restaurant operations manual was the size of a phone book. Those of us with that track record of career-long success also remember what a phone book looked like. Today’s workforce? Not so much. So … Continued

How Restaurateurs Stop Complaining About Millennials

Quick, recite the language you use to recruit and retain talent. Is it compelling? What does it say about your organization? What is special about working there? What makes working with your organization a winning strategy from the talent’s perspective? It probably isn’t rate of pay; nobody wins on rate of pay — the competition … Continued

Four Proven Ways to Reduce Management Turnover

If you know me well, you know I am a positive and optimistic person. But even I have to admit that, in this economy, finding unit-level management is brutal. It is easier for me to find a VP of Operations, CFO, or COO for the owners of successful independent multi-unit restaurant companies who make up … Continued

How Unconventional Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Restaurant Success

Over the years, I have worked with so many successful independent multi-unit restaurant owners. A lot of them share this common characteristic — they just don’t fit the mold. You know, the conventional American business leader: the great manager who runs an organized, rational, structured, efficient company. On the extreme is the story about the … Continued

Restaurateur’s Essential Guide to Developing Powerful General Managers

General Managers are the most important people in your successful multi-unit independent restaurant company. They control what happens within the four walls — including both the guest experience and the strength of your bottom line. Finding great general managers in the current labor market can be agonizingly difficult.  As an industry we responded to this … Continued

How Much Does it Cost to NOT Hire Top Management?

A lot! Sometimes it feels like it is easier to raise money, sign a lease, build, and open a restaurant than to find someone to run it. There is a definite shortage of talented restaurant managers — and especially general managers. If you are a successful owner of an independent multi-unit restaurant company, you have … Continued