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Squeaky Wheels on the Fast Track

Most job descriptions are an unnecessary waste of time and are holding people back. There . . . I said it. Just like I said recently to a professor who teachers Hospitality Supervision. As you might expect, he did not agree with me. But we had a respectful conversation in front of this class. When … Continued

Millennials: Confident, connected, open to change.

I recently moderated a panel discussion entitled “Beyond Craig’s List: Finding and Keeping the Best People.”  It was presented in Austin at the Summit for Texas Independent Restaurateurs, a conference created by the Texas Restaurant Association. A few months ago, I mentioned it to an editor of a national restaurant industry trade publication. He told me, “I’m so … Continued

5 keys to low-cost, high-impact training

April 11, 2014 Matthew Mabel Every day, restaurants have so much competition—from other restaurants, food trucks and even prepared food departments at grocery stores. To stand out in this competition, owners and managers must sure every guest has a positive experience, every day, on every shift. By consistently achieving high standards, a restaurant will be … Continued

Reduce Corporate Overhead by Strengthening General Managers

The most important position in any restaurant company is the General Manager. Properly educated and deployed, the GM can become a point of strength that allows restaurant companies to reduce the corporate overhead historically associated with supervising GMs — as well as improve results. How? When GMs are educated on developing systems, processes, and procedures, … Continued

Nothing grows in the deep end.

Recently I discovered a number of entrepreneurs and business owners who hired managers and threw then into the deep end of their pool. When they started to drown . . . they fired them. That’s a poor strategy for a swimming teacher or a cruise ship line, and it’s not a very good one for … Continued

Trust, But Verify.

At the end of last year, I was talking with two restaurateurs who had experienced the pleaasure of IRS audits. These folks are very sharp operators with highly organized companies. They exemplify the kind of success derived from refined numbers that are drilled down into improved operations. The audit results were shocking. Though they thought … Continued