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The Five Best Things I Told You This Year… And Why

When you use one of my many suggestions to improve your business and your life, that makes it all worthwhile to me—and extremely gratifying. If you are regular reader of this newsletter, you are appreciated! Thanks for following my work, keeping in touch, and sending me your comments and topic requests. Missed a few of … Continued

The Proven Value of Storytelling at the Restaurant Table

Everyone likes a good story. Storytelling is how we communicate and influence people. Storytelling goes one step further than what you are currently doing. – Do you want to order the fantastic, juicy steak? Or order the steak the owner specifically chose because of how she felt first tasting it? –  Do you want to … Continued

How the Best Restaurateurs Go Big and Avoid the Small Decision Trap

If you really want to make progress, grow your company, preserve your free time, and build wealth and happiness for yourself and others, pay attention to the big decisions. In Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism, one graphic I really like illustrates how one big decision can have a much greater impact than an assortment of small … Continued

Why Top Restaurateurs Know That Great Food Doesn’t Satisfy Their Guests

We all work so hard on our food. But the truth of restaurant success is that, for most independent restaurant companies, food just gets you in the game. The guest experience, the price/value relationship, location, atmosphere, hospitality level, and even seemingly small things like parking and access are what cause people to make a decision … Continued

True Restaurant Guest Focus Starts in the Kitchen

Nothing happens in a restaurant dining room until someone creates a recipe, orders the food, preps and cooks the food, and an expediter puts the order together.  The best successful multi-unit independent restaurant companies create enthusiasm and loyalty with their back-of-house personnel by constantly telling them – through shift meetings, staff meetings, or just one-on-one … Continued

The Best Restaurateurs Don’t Ever Choose Between Culture and Cash

Every independent restaurant company has its strengths. Some are more guest focused; some are more production oriented; and others are outstanding at concept or locations. What I do with my clients, owners of successful independent multi-unit restaurants  to truly maximize their  revenue, profits, and net worth, is to make their organizations  good at all of these things … Continued

5 Laws of Raising Restaurant Revenue and Outstripping Industry Averages

One of the many beautiful things about owning a successful independent multi-unit restaurant company is that revenue is in your control—and it can always be going up. But many restaurateurs don’t act that way. They have become me frustrated with next year’s industry forecasts that say traffic is going to be essentially flat, and increases in … Continued