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Keep it simple . . .

The best businesses control themselves, keep things simple, stay on track, and do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed, overloaded, or confused.  Their guests and customers are exposed to an ever-increasing daily barrage of messages daily from a million different points in the world.  In order to engage people, it’s smart to understand that there is … Continued

From the Outside Looking In

Businesses tend to build their foundation on one thing they do really well.  The best businesses then  import  competence and develop the skills that do not come naturally to them.  Eventually they have the complete package, even though they still rely on the thing that they do the very best.   In that way, a business … Continued

The power of accelerating initiatives.

For the third time in the past fifteen years, Surrender turned it’s organizational development expertise to the staff and board of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association (GDRA).  Matthew Mabel and his team applied the same methodology, tools and coaching techniques used in their hospitality consultancy for clients like Original Pancake House and i Fratelli.  In … Continued

Your Brand: Socially Relevant or Virally Damaged?

  Top companies are developing precepts about what content does and does not go on social media.   These guidelines are outgrowths of training and culture.  Beyond the basics of decorum, restaurants with a more defined culture are much better at knowing what fits on social media vs. what will cause their brand to deteriorate.  So … Continued