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How To Wake Up Your Restaurant Brand and Increase Guest Count

When guests think about your restaurants, do they end up feeling sleepy because your brand looks tired? Independent restaurant groups that lack the focus or wherewithal to update brands fall behind their competition. One of my clients told me, “Things changed so much in the last few years, we have simply not kept up.” It’s the … Continued

Why You Miss the Biggest Hidden Opportunities in Your Restaurants

“Don’t bother to look over there; that’s all fine!” I’ve heard that from many clients who had brought me in to address specific issues. When I start roaming and nosing around their restaurants to find other opportunities to address, they try to shut me down – feeling I am wasting time and effort. That is, … Continued

How to Find the Guests Your Restaurants Deserve

If you tell yourself that your restaurants appeal to everyone aged 4-74 – or anything similar to that – that is wrong. If you tell yourself that you compete with all restaurants – wrong again.   One of my clients was telling me these things, and it was only by going beyond that kind of thinking that … Continued