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Improve Your Restaurants Big Time by Taking a Buyer’s Perspective

If you want to really improve your restaurants and your restaurant company, act like you just bought it.  Instead of looking at it like the founder, developer, and shepherd you have been for years (or decades), look at everything with new eyes. When I begin working with new clients, I observe, learn, and respectfully question … Continued

How to Take Action and Power to Boost Restaurant Guest Count

The most important number for your restaurants – the one you need to look at every shift, day, week, and accounting period – isn’t on your P&L. That number? Guest count. I only have a few clients who have positive comp guest counts. Those brands connected with their guests during the pandemic in a unique … Continued

How To Find Your Restaurant’s Focus and True Calling

If I asked you, “What kind of company do you own and operate?” how would you answer?  Would you say, “A restaurant company”? Maybe if you’re a wise guy, but it doesn’t give me or you a whole lot to work with.  It reminds me of when I ask my daughter what happened in school … Continued