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Defining Your Brand with What’s Really Important

The best companies know that if their brand stands for something the consumer does not want, a lot of money is going to be spent propping that part of the business up. At some point, the company will become weary of doing so and seek another direction. There has been a lot of talk about … Continued

What’s all that knocking?

Maybe fewer people are going to Hawaii this summer, but they are still going out for a drink tomorrow night.  And the next night.  They have to have something to eat and something to wear, too.  There’s opportunity to make money in any economy. James Jeffrey of the Austin Business Journal asked me about this … Continued

Whiz-bang Tech at the Foodservice Expo

I’ve been thinking back on the recent Southwest Foodservice Expo, reflecting on the technological advances available to the industry. Which are real and which are ephemeral? Technology marches on.  Who needs a buzzer to tell you table is ready when a restaurant can text you? I had started to think about this during the show.  … Continued