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How Top Restaurateurs Win With Their Own Secret Sauce

Recently I went to a KFC drive-through. If you know me well, before you fall out of your chair wondering why, know that I wanted to try their new plant-based product. I was curious about it since I’ve been watching that trend and had seen the TV ad – plus, they have a unit next … Continued

Top Restaurant Owners and the Best Practice of Leaving

One aspect of my work focuses on allowing restaurant owners to leave when they want to – getting their companies to the point where the owner’s hands-on attention isn’t relied on too much. To do this, we supercharge the time they are at work, bringing them to their point of highest use, and have other … Continued

Why Top Restaurant Companies Value Management Over Supervision

With the COVID crisis on the wane, guests are becoming open-minded about their dining choices again. Reclaiming these lost guests (and having at least 20% revenue to-go and delivery) requires your managers to continually improve. An elite group of independent restaurant company owners – each with enviable companies – talked about this recently at one … Continued

The Simple Way to Make Successful Restaurant Companies Much Better

My clients often say to me, “I’m making more money than I ever imagined.” When you’ve reached that level of success, you may feel so much gratitude that self-evaluation becomes hard. Plus, a lot of the people surrounding you may see your life as so great that there’s no need to speak candidly or find … Continued