The Five Best Things I Told You This Year… And Why

When you use one of my many suggestions to improve your business and your life, that makes it all worthwhile to me—and extremely gratifying.

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Missed a few of the most impactful ones? Simply in the mood to improve as 2018 turns into 2019?

I have picked five posts I consider my most meaningful of the year for your review.

1. How Unconventional Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Restaurant Success.  

Many of my clients don’t fit the mold. Frankly, they sometimes get down on themselves because of that—no matter how successful they are.

This post talks about their incredible uniqueness, what makes them special (and not oddballs), and how they create their best path to success.

2. The Surprising Reason Why Your Restaurant Company Is Not Organized to Focus on Guests.  

It is amazing how many restaurant companies would benefit from more guest focus.

We are in the guest business.

But, since it is complicated to operate a restaurant, when you get busy you might forget that—at your peril.

3. Restaurant Owners: Act Like the Lottery Winner You Are

When this was published, I got a few wise guy comments from owners offering to exchange their successful independent multi-unit group for a winning PowerBall ticket.

Many more used this technique for appreciating what they had created.

They vowed to stop postponing or deferring enjoyment and made some fantastic changes.

4. How to Build a Healthy Restaurant Culture.

Culture is the essential element that drives guests to your dining room, and also makes employees want to stay.

It is responsible for 100% of your profit.

So many people realize the value of this that, this year, I spoke not only to restaurateurs about culture, but also to lawyers and leaders in the live event space.

5. Most Important Characteristic of Top Management 

People laugh when I talk about hiring grownups and eliminating drama.

Some of them laugh confidently.  Others laugh nervously.

What I have noticed is not everyone’s numeric age is equal to their developmental age.

If you want drama, stream it on Netflix, not in your restaurants.

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Happy New Year!