How the Best Successful Restaurateurs Don’t Just Go It Alone

For many of my most successful clients, it might have been several years – or even several decades – since they’ve worked in a company that wasn’t their own.

That can result in a lack of perspective that holds them back.

And sometimes, “It’s lonely at the top” is more than just a saying.

The source of that saying may go at least as far back as what’s said to be an ancient Chinese proverb: “The top of a mountain cannot defeat the cold,” and it’s an idea that has been repeated in several forms throughout the centuries.

If an idea has been around that long, you can be sure it reveals a recurring theme in the human experience.

I know how to correct that – through the Restaurant Owners Success Club.


The Owner’s Cure for Institutional Isolation  

Years ago I created the Restaurant Owners Success Club, my group coaching program that connects successful multi-unit leaders with their peers, cures that loneliness, and ensures members can improve their companies and their lives by sharing information, staying updated on trends, solving problems, and making more money.

Together, Success Club members have helped each other make and save millions of dollars; provided clarity on what is currently successful for them in operations, marketing, site selection, and administration; and shared what guests and employees want now.

Every month, the Restaurant Owners Success Club meets with me on Zoom, where I provide an up-to-the-second industry overview and recommend actions to take now. I also share what my clients are doing based on my latest advice – and we all share progress and dive deep into a topic of impact.

Then, twice a year, we meet in person to relax and talk at a members-only dinner.

Plus, in between meetings, members have unlimited access to me by email or text to handle any issues they face.

Our Motto? Dominate. Grow. Enjoy Freedom.

  • Dominate. Every group I work with has the potential to outshine the competitive brands in their segment.
  • Grow. Grow revenue, profit, and unit growth, as well as organizational capability. This is the focus of my life’s work and it’s where my own multi-decade track record of success comes from.
  • Enjoy Freedom. Work at your place of highest use and enjoy the freedom you have earned now.  

Members of the Restaurant Owners Success Club range from operators of single- and double-digit units to a few leaders who are just beginning their own multi-unit voyage.

Smaller organizations learn how the bigger ones operate – but it also works the other way around. Our larger operators have a chance to learn the innovative ways smaller operators are succeeding while staying more in touch with their restaurants.

One of the members said, “It packs a lot of value. I like the camaraderie and trust. I go back to my team with three or four bullet points to follow up every meeting and spring into action.”

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