How Top Restaurant Owners Enjoy Freedom They Have Earned

For a large part of their days, restaurant owners try to figure out ways to give hourlies and managers more flexible lives.

That’s just part of the world now: offering flexible scheduling for hourlies and groundbreaking benefit packages for managers.

When you do this quality people want to work with you, and feel happy to be there. 

While you are at it, also attend to your own happiness.

Create the Most Attractive Life for You

If you do not treat yourself at least as well as you treat your people, stop and think about ending this self-defeating approach, and adjust.

As an advocate for a world-class quality of life for restaurant owners, allow me to remind you that this is Spring Break season. 

Helping you remember and act on maximizing flexibility in your life is one of the most significant ways I serve restaurant owners like you.

It’s even part of the motto for my group coaching program – Restaurant Owners Success Club: Dominate. Grow. Enjoy Freedom. 

Yes, freedom. The kind you have earned.

It’s Spring Break – So Break! 

Chick-Fil-A built the amazing “The Brake Room” on the Upper East Side of Manhattan – a place for food delivery workers to take a much-needed break, charge their phones, warm up, have some coffee. 

Even though your job pales in the toughness department compared to the job of a food delivery worker, you deserve a break, too. 

Take One – It Will Pay Back 

Rick Rubin, in his new book “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” is the latest to talk about using an empty space to generate creativity. 

I’ve experienced that, having solved many of my clients’ most difficult challenges in a space I create when I am running.

But sitting at my desk or in meetings, I don’t experience it as much.

When you return from your vacation, on top of being relaxed and recharged, creative and groundbreaking solutions to the most vexing issues in your business will also appear.

Along with memories of a lot of fun and connection with your friends and family. 

Hard to Turn This Offer Down

If you find yourself, while you read this, mentally listing excuses not to leave, begin to:  

  • Set up your business to rely on others for day-to-day operations so you do not spend much time texting on vacation. 
  • Set up your business so you have time for your children while they still live at home – or with grandchildren who don’t live at home. Bond with them with an imprint that lasts a lifetime. 
  • Set up your business so you can travel – or, if staying home and attending to hobbies is more your jam, that counts too; gauge your success by the satisfaction and joy this gives you.  
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