Is the Silver Tsunami the Exciting Time for Your Next Phase in Life?

What’s your plan as the “Silver Tsunami” hits? We can figure that out together when I speak at the Texas Restaurant Show on Sunday, July 14.
What’s the “Silver Tsunami”? It’s the mass sell-off (or reimagining) of great companies that were started by baby boomers in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even the beginning of this century.
These owners are at a point in life where they no longer want to continue the ingrained habit and repetitive laborious cycles of operating.  

After devoting their whole lives to building great companies, they have decided to either sell or “retire in place” and set their lives up to own their companies while other people operate them.
For each of these great companies that sell, a matching strategic or opportunistic buyer will emerge.
That means great buying opportunities for people in the prime of their careers, or investors looking for incredible deals – all buying brands no one ever thought would become available.

The Existential “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Moment

So will you be a buyer, seller, or simply someone planning to retire in place in this Silver Tsunami?

And if you choose to keep your company and retire in place, how does that work?

Find out at the Texas Restaurant Show, from July 13-15 (less than a month away) at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio.

On Sunday, 7/14 at 12:30PM on the Innovation Stage on the show floor, I will explain the Silver Tsunami and what it means to you. Joining me will be my friends and trusted colleagues – restaurant attorney David Denney of Denney Law Group, an expert in these transactions, and Jeffrey Yarbrough of bigInk Real Estate, whose company includes a business brokerage division.

Join us at the Texas Restaurant Show – and bring your questions!

3D Beats 2D

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