Meet Me This Weekend at the Texas Restaurant Show!

At the Texas Restaurant Show this weekend at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center in San Antonio – on Sunday, July 14, I will be part of an all-star team talking about “Silver Tsunami: Unlocking Opportunities With Restaurant Owners Who Want to Sell of Step Back”.

It takes place on the show floor’s Innovation Stage at 12:30 PM on Sunday, July 14, outlining incredible opportunities for sellers, buyers and owners who want to change the way they own.  

What’s the “Silver Tsunami”? It’s the mass sell-off (or reimagining) of great companies that were started by baby boomers in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even the beginning of this century.

After devoting their whole lives to building great companies, they have decided to either sell or “retire in place” and set their lives up to own their companies while other people operate them.

So will you be a buyer, seller, or simply someone planning to retire in place in this Silver Tsunami?

Sellers will learn how to prepare to maximize asset value.  Buyers will understand how to integrate an acquisition in to their existing company.  If you choose to keep your company and retire in place, we will explain how to do that.

Remember to bring your thoughts and questions!

And if you would like to meet me in person at the show and have a 15 minute conversation about the latest action relating to unit and revenue growth, profit, harmony and ownership personal freedom, or just have a question you want answered, click reply to this email and we will set a time.  

See you this weekend in San Antonio!

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