Restaurateurs: What’s Really Driving You?

As an owner of a successful multi-unit independent restaurant company it is important to understand what motivates you so you can be intentional in that regard as you develop your business.

If you don’t know that, you could be working randomly — or, worse, against your own self-interest.

Before you get into your day and check yesterday’s sales, last week’s P&L, or this week’s reservation books, stop and consider what is really driving you.

It may take some reflection to identify what you want. Be good to yourself and take that time.

Everyone Is Different — So Who Are You?

Always be yourself. But realize that what you want may change at different times in life.

When I started out, I just wanted to enjoy my multi-unit nightclub business. Flash forward a few decades, and enjoyment is a given — and I am more focused on how I help people like you and the differences I make in their lives.

When my work with a client begins, I always want to know what the motivator is, so we can collaborate and build something that is on target for ownership.

Once I understand the owners, I can develop, organize, and structure their businesses and people to give them exactly what they want.

Take These Steps to Meet Your Goal

So, what is your goal? Find it in the list below to help you decide your next steps.

  • Money: Keep your eye on net worth; go beyond today’s profit and make decisions with that in mind. Make sure you understand that money is a by-product of other activity.
  • Personal freedom: Set up your business to be primarily run by other people. Create great flexibility in your life and more time for your family or interests.
  • To enjoy the ride: Make sure you are having fun every day. Remove the part of the job that gets you down.
  • Being proud of the fantastic experiences you offer your guests: Go to your dining rooms today and watch the faces of the people who chose to eat with you. Then talk to them.
  • Offering great jobs for your employees: Pull a few aside today and check in with them to show you care about and appreciate them.
  • Making contributions to your community: Consider what your restaurants offer, what place they take in your community, or how they reach out and support charitable efforts and community involvement.
  • To exit: Determine when and how you want that to happen. Work backwards to make sure you are on track.

Truly understanding what is right for you helps you reduce the risk of wasting time, money, and resources going in the opposite direction to the one you intended.

Over to you. Now that you have identified what you want, what aspects of your organization are in alignment? Where would you like to start making improvements?