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How Restaurant Company Owners Push Through Expansion Barriers, Part 2

If your independent restaurant company unit count has reached double digits, congratulations! You’ve reached a significant milestone.  Where do you go from here? Maybe you’ve never owned 10 restaurants before. A whole new set of challenges and opportunities awaits. It’s imperative that you handle them — not only to continue to grow healthy new units … Continued

How Restaurant Company Owners Push Through Expansion Barriers, Part 1

All my research points to a proven formula for handling issues that impact your multi-unit independent restaurant company’s ability to grow. In our business, it is a cliché that the hardest thing to do is grow from one to two units. But there are other leaps that are equally challenging. Blowing past three to four … Continued

4 Keys to Restaurant Company Owners Finding Joy

If you own a successful independent multi-unit restaurant company, your work life — and your whole life — ought to be a joy. That’s how my best clients feel. This is the single most important thing I work on with my clients. But not all their peers feel that way. Some are caught up in … Continued

The Technique Successful Restaurant Owners Use to Solve Big Problems

Recently a successful restaurateur looked at me over the lunch table and told me that running his increasingly growing stable of much-admired restaurants was beginning to become boring. “An opening is an opening — and, in operations, you may have problems, but they tend to be the same problems.” That made me think. Quality, service, happy guests, … Continued