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Overcome the Shallow Talent Pool by Taking This Action Now

Right now, the kiddie pool in the hotel your family visits this summer is deeper than the management pool in the restaurant industry. Every few days I have a conversation where one of my clients complains that the management talent in their organization is not prepared to operate up to standards.  Owners are frustrated about … Continued

Make Your Company Live Forever by Treating It Like It Won’t

Haruki Murakami wrote in his novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, “If people lived forever…they’d probably just figure, ‘Oh well, I’ve got plenty of time for that. I’ll think about it later.’” Stop operating your company with immortality in mind, like you have unlimited time to handle the issues that can make a huge difference for … Continued

Stop Worrying About Recession, Focus on Fundamentals of Success Instead

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich once said, “Economic forecasters exist to make astrologers look good.” There is no time like June 2022 to remember that. Winners exist in any economic condition. You don’t have to worry about all restaurants; just focus on yours. Then win. Whatever happens with our economy, the premium tools you use … Continued

The Senior Management Hiring Rule Smart Owners Never Break

The smartest operators know not to let their business become a clinical trial for an experienced senior chain restaurant person who works for an independent for the first time.  Instead, they leave that risk to someone else. NEVER hire senior management unless they’ve had at least one successful stint at an independent company.   This … Continued

3 Steps to Developing Powerful Restaurant Managers Now

Expecting managers to perform because, 1) You told them to, and 2) You pay them a lot, identifies as disappointing fantasy. Instead, stick to reality. And in reality, the management shortage actually looks worse this year. People have landed in their post-COVID-crisis spots in and out of the industry and don’t want to budge. And … Continued

Don’t Sell Your Restaurants – Retire in Place Instead

A lot of restaurant owners have that tired old American dream: Work your whole life, then sell your business and retire for good. When my clients figure out the high cost of selling now, many see that dream as a nightmare. You have another option. Rather than selling your company, keep it – and let … Continued

How Top Restaurants Avoid the End of Hospitality

By now, we’ve all shared the February New York Times article “Restaurants to Customers: Don’t Call Us, We Won’t Call You.” It’s about a growing trend in restaurants – of communicating only by email or text, not phone. In the article, one restaurant owner complains that, to talk to guests, “to pay someone $15 an hour or … Continued

The One Thing That Transforms Your Restaurant Company

What is one thing in your organization that, when improved, would be a breakthrough for your guests, employees, brand, and net worth? Look in the mirror – it’s you. Since you’re always quick to improve other things in your business, how long are you willing to stay the same?  Vulnerable or Cut Off? Some of … Continued