Are You Playing the Victim in Your Restaurant Business?

Successful people continue to be successful during lulls in their business, it is all a matter of degree — and that may cover up the need to address opportunities that, if they could talk, would be shouting for attention.

  • • “After the election, my sales will go up.”
    • “My sales problem will self-correct.”
    • “I have a great executive team in place that can handle all of our growth.”
    • “My guest counts might be down, but I compared them to segment industry averages — and we are doing just fine.”

These are all quotes I have heard from successful owners of independent multi-unit restaurant groups. I have many more.

These were spoken by good people, respected people who have great restaurants their guests enjoy. Most are career restaurateurs, industry leaders, and connected to their community.

Take Control — Don’t Be a Victim

Every one of them had convinced themselves that looking at external factors would comfort them into not taking action to overcome their real internal challenges.

In some cases this went on for years until they finally got into action. In the meantime, their companies lost market share, their brands deteriorated, and their employees were watching the exits — feeling the restaurants they worked in were in decline.

In one case, an owner lost control of his own business to his investors (more on that next week).

One finally came to me and said, “I am no longer in denial that I need a consultant.”

Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security that external forces will cure what ails you. Don’t ever be a victim. You are the master of your own destiny.

Be prepared to take action.

Three Top Indicators That Scream, “Pay More Attention!”

  1. External. You are loaded up with the reasons for your challenges — and they are all external. You have allowed yourself to be a victim and lost your power.
  2. Resisting Outside Advice. You find yourself explaining to your friends and peers what is going on instead of asking them why they think this has occurred. You don’t see what other points of view, advisors, or consultants can do for you.
  3. Disconnected from People. Your team sees what is happening every day on every shift. Your restaurants are making money, but there is a feeling that it is “not like it used to be.” You are insensitive to the fact your employees are concerned.

If you see yourself in any of this, please realize you owe it to yourself to maximize your net worth and keep your power. Get into action. Create the future you desire.