How Restaurants Become Unstoppable

Eric Cacciatore recently stopped by my house to record an episode of his incredible, segment-leading podcast “Restaurant Unstoppable.”

He was on a cross-country mission to talk to interesting, informed, creative, and significant restaurant people from coast to coast, and he was here to record episode 518. And that is not a typo: he has already created five hundred eighteen episodes!

You can listen to the podcast, “4 Key Elements to the Formula of Success with Matthew Mabel,” here, or search for it wherever you regularly consume podcasts.

How a Podcaster Teaches Restaurateurs about Our Business

We sat across from each other at my dining room table with his digital mixing gear in between. In about an hour Eric succeeded in pulling out of me almost every significant belief you can use — the same ones I use with my clients: owners of successful growing independent multi-unit restaurant companies.

If every restaurateur approached their units with the commitment, passion, inquisitiveness, and commitment Eric has for his podcast, the results for their guests, employees, and themselves would be phenomenal. I mean, the guy drove across the country and back in pursuit of his listeners learning more about our industry!

Seven Essential Topics from the Episode

  1. Why every restaurateur has a right to succeed — but every restaurant does not.
  2. The four key elements to success: capability, opportunity, strategy, and an atmosphere of trust.
  3. How and when to reach your goals by adding talented senior management.
  4. How culture is going to be the piece you have got to handle to be successful in the future.
  5. How growing a company with a high level of trust starts with you becoming a person who is trusting and trusted.
  6. How to profit by understanding that every guest dining decision is a self-reflection.
  7. Why you must get clarity on your brand and be fantastic at communicating your branding.

If you had asked me 10 years ago about how I help key client companies, I would have said, “Everyone is different.” But, over the past 10 years, I have been focusing on the connections and breaking down what I do into formulas that, when applied properly, create revenue, profit, net worth and unit growth, and happy people and companies.

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you are familiar with that. We talked about many of these during the podcast.

Over to you. When you listen to this episode of Eric’s podcast, email me and let me know what you found most useful and actionable — and what you are going to do about it.