Make Your Company Live Forever by Treating It Like It Won’t

Haruki Murakami wrote in his novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, “If people lived forever…they’d probably just figure, ‘Oh well, I’ve got plenty of time for that. I’ll think about it later.’”

Stop operating your company with immortality in mind, like you have unlimited time to handle the issues that can make a huge difference for your future.

Make your company live forever by taking care of that business.

The Second Half of the Year Starts Now  

With Q3 beginning, the calendar provides a clear boundary for you to evaluate whether you will achieve all those thrilling goals you made for 2022. 

Put yourself in a position to joyfully look back at 2022 as a breakthrough year – the one when you handled issues that had eluded you for years (or decades). 

What can you do to reset, make sure Q3 becomes productive, and set yourself up for a strong ending to your year?

Three Things to Think About

Change your trajectory for the massively better and arrive at your destination at the end of the year reaching beyond your goals.

  1. Hold your people accountable for results to increase the quality of your guest experience and the balance in your bank account.
  2. Differentiate your offerings and messaging to guests and employees to keep your business stable in uncertain times.
  3. Don’t waste your own time. Make sure you spend your time at your place of highest use.


Make the Blind See

When owners of successful multi-unit restaurant companies first become my clients, they usually have a blind spot or two. 

Frequently my job includes making them see – making them take action in an area of their otherwise successful organization that they have never quite handled.

My clients, build more management capability, learn how to make their numbers more quickly actionable, plan for how to operate new units, bring in new leaders, recommit to systems that make sure they live their culture, understand the competition so they can stay ahead of the pack, and free up their owners’ time to work only at their place of highest use. 

Right now, we transition from the post-restaurant-crisis portion of the pandemic restaurant boom to, well, something else. 

As I wrote last week, we really don’t know the future economic climate. 

But we do know to put our heads down and do the work.

Q3 starts any day now.  

Over to you. What is your Q3 focus? How will you live this quarter to ensure breakthrough improvements in your organization before the end of the year?