Perfect imperfection.


Our server forgot to fire our third course.  Which would normally lead to eye rolling,  dissatisfaction,  exasperation or worse. But the first two courses had been so . . . good, each plate so so well-conceived and unique to Dallas, and we had ordered so much food that we were satiated and almost grateful, ready to move on to the more important work of dessert.

Sure, it helped that we knew our server so we could laugh about it together.  But how many times does something like this  happen?  Where a restaurant has fostered so much good will and positivity that an occasional flaw will be completely forgiven?

The best businesses  strive to create customer goodwill.  It becomes part of their culture with an ability to compete with anything that comes their way.

By hiring the right people, training them and reinforcing the training, good business leaders put a solid systems in place. From the owner to the newly hired dishwasher newly,  every team member is reminded about what is really important every day.

We may be all striving for perfection.  But we are also human.  A perfectionist is doomed to a life of disappointment.  What we are really striving for is outstanding relationships.

Which only reinforces the need to be at the top of your game . . . every day, every table, every shift . . . creating great relationships with guests and building those brand ambassadors. Especially the ones that appreciate you so much, they can tolerate your occasional misstep.

By the way, the restaurant with the thankfully unfired third course?    Nonna. Where we will be returning soon.

photo credit: Bogdan Suditu via photopin cc