Restaurateurs – Succeed in 2021 by Stopping Routine from Becoming a Yearly Rut

If you’ve watched the most recent season of The Crown on Netflix, you probably remember the episode when Prime Minister Thatcher and her husband spent a social weekend with the royal family at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle.

However, even though it was supposed to be a social weekend, Thatcher couldn’t stop working – and even declined encouragement from Princess Margaret, of all people the last you’d think of as a hard worker who understood needing a break.

The princess’s description of the benefits of a break?


That made me laugh because, perspective…really? From a princess?


Actions One Week into the Year


Last week was about getting back into the game after a break – a “What am I doing here?” and, “Here we go again” kind of week punctuated by some shocking images on TV news.

This week you are getting dangerously close to your routine – making now the essential time to stop, breathe, be aware, and figure out how you can do things differently in 2021 before your habits dictate your behavior and your life runs on the past.
What will you delegate this year that you handled yourself in 2020?

What are you no longer going to put off dealing with that you punted on last year?

Who will be promoted who really deserves it?

Who are you going to separate from who deserves it?

In your company, what project your people ask for seems ready for a green light – even if you are not sure of the outcome?

What activities that your company “always does” are going to be stopped because they are wasted time, duplicative, or don’t show results?

What will you no longer tolerate?

What can you do for yourself and your organization that you’ve thought about for years?


Catch Yourself Before It Is Too Late


OK, I know, “COVID.” 

If you have not learned to operate effectively through the crisis by now, without constantly referring back to it, your future does not look great.

A million years ago, back in August, I suggested you stop using COVID as an excuse.

Returning from the interruption of the holidays gives you a very unique and seldom-experienced chance to reset.

I find it fleeting and, for most of us, it will soon be gone.

So catch yourself now.

Change something.