Restaurateurs This is the Most Important Thing to Do on Labor Day

It’s Labor Day – the holiday dedicated to the American worker.

Many people don’t think about the meaning of the day (if they ever knew it in the first place).

And that’s what happens to a lot of our holidays.

They morph into days of general relaxation and fun.

They lose their meaning.

And they become just more time off.

For instance, in my neighborhood, Memorial Day means block party – instead of a time to remember the fallen.

Most weeks I write to you about how we can improve your successful independent multi-unit restaurant companies and lead more flexible lives.

Today, though, let’s cut out the clutter, the distractions, and the screens, and re-direct.

During the rest of the year, when we think labor, we focus on workforce development, building culture to retain employees, and the challenges of hiring a staff. 

Incredible People Work in Our Industry

Today, the most important thing you can do is just stop and appreciate the people you have chosen to staff your restaurants.

The ones who show up and do the work every day.

The ones who prepare delicious food and create memorable experiences and happy guests.



I have spent decades around hard-working, proud, talented groups of people who make our restaurants go every day.

Met a lot of amazing people.

Learned a lot from them.

Have a ton of respect for them.

Will never forget them.

Happy Labor Day!