Still Standing? Let’s Meet at TRA Marketplace!

At Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace in three weeks – on Sunday, July 11, I will present a rapid-fire brainstorming education session:

“I’m Still Standing. The Pandemic Kicked My Restaurant’s Ass.”

I will be on the show floor’s Big Bend Ideas stage at 10:30 AM on Sunday, July 11, with a great group who are coming together to trade the biggest lessons we’ve learned over the past year.

We may laugh and cry, but I promise to end on a laugh.

Leave with clarity on action you must take when you finish your time in San Antonio and return to your restaurants.

And remember to bring your thoughts and questions!

Shake Things Up

Remember COVID?

Oh yeah – still happening.

Humans with finely tuned coping mechanisms tend to put traumatic events out of our memories as much as we can.

That’s why we are able to feel relieved and grateful that the restaurant portion of the pandemic has ended.

But some of the effects…not so easy to avoid – because the COVID-19 crisis really has changed us all.

Top operators know they must do a self-check to make sure they learned from this horrible experience before letting the pandemic just become a bad memory.

Use now as a time to shake things up.

Ensure you don’t fall back into old routines and habits just because you’re no longer dealing with the same crisis at work all day every day.

TRA Marketplace 2021

Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace, live and in person, at San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from July 10 – 12. Register here.

I anticipate positive vibes, a lot of fist-bumping, and some risky handshakes and hugs because we’re finally back together again, as one of the first trade shows out of the gate, and the biggest restaurant show in the country this year.

But our real joy comes from three facts:

  1. Restaurants now fill up.
  2. Revenue beats 2019.
  3. The future actually looks bright.  

See you in three weeks!