The One Thing That Transforms Your Restaurant Company

What is one thing in your organization that, when improved, would be a breakthrough for your guests, employees, brand, and net worth?

Look in the mirror – it’s you.

Since you’re always quick to improve other things in your business, how long are you willing to stay the same?

Vulnerable or Cut Off?

Some of the people I talk to say they have everything handled and could never benefit from outside advice.

Vulnerability opens possibilities, and their non-vulnerability holds them back.

On the other hand, I find that the highest achieving people are the ones constantly hunting for advice, telling me, “We love advisors,” or proclaiming, “We know the great value of using consultants.”

One corralled me as soon as I came off stage at a speaking engagement so he could ask how I could help him and his company.

Another responded instantly to a LinkedIn connection by asking me what I was trying to sell him.

That attitude of constant learning and improvement is what led to the success of both these great companies before I got there – but is also why we were able to collaborate to transform those companies to be so much more successful than they could imagine.   

With more units, more revenue, more profit, great experiences for employees and guests, and more personal freedom for ownership.  

Optimize Your Company and Your Life

I have never started working with a new client company and said in defeat, “You’re already so great; I have nothing to make you better.”

Vulnerability, and a willingness to openly share the details of the parts of your great company that have never been quite right, opens the door to transformation and unimagined success.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your organization too reliant on ownership, resulting in stifled and underutilized management and exhausted and frustrated ownership?
  • Do you tend not to hold people accountable, making improvement difficult if not impossible?
  • Do you communicate poorly in your organization, leading to a mountain of missed opportunity?
  • Is your organization behind the times when it comes to the state-of-the-art systems that ought to be universal in our industry, leading to leaking profits?

Amazingly, most of my clients start working with me after they start making more money than they’d ever imagined. 

Because they know there could be so much more.

I love collaborating with people who have such a great life story.

I want you to optimize your company, life, and career, and experience the excitement, satisfaction, and joy that brings.

Over to you. Identify the big, hidden opportunity for your company. Or the one you keep hidden from yourself. How will you reach outside of your organization to permanently handle that?